Unique Air

Fixed Wing

The company aircraft are maintained in accordance with very strict regulatory requirements set by the South African Civil Aviation Authority and the Department of Transport. Safety is one our main objective, everything else comes second.

Boeing 737

Range: 4398km
Cruise Speed: 876km/h
Pax: 126

Learjet 45

Range: 3330km
Cruise Speed: 850km/h
Pax: 8

Nextant 400

Range: 2500km
Cruise Speed: 850km/h
Pax: 7

Embraer 120

Range: 1750km
Cruise Speed: 530km/h
Pax: 30

Beechcraft 1900

Range: 707km
Cruise Speed: 518km/h
Pax: 18

King Air 350

Range: 3344km
Cruise Speed: 500km/h
Pax: 9

King Air 200

Range: 3338km
Cruise Speed: 460km/h
Pax: 8

Pilatus PC-12

Range: 4190km
Cruise Speed: 430km/h
Pax: 7

Cessna Caravan

Range: 1928km
Cruise Speed: 344km/h
Pax: 12

Baron 58

Range: 2000km
Cruise Speed: 340km/h
Pax: 4

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